* A 100% export orianted Unit    (E.O.U.)

* OTC products are devloped
   by :

  • Formulation development
  • Batch scale-up
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Product Development :

Our aggressive  product development program is carefully designed and executed by experienced team of production,QC/QA – from formulation development to analytical method development to batch scale-up to process validation. This ensures that all products developed meet the stringent quality requirements for future production.

TRUE CARE BIOMEDIX provides comprehensive support to the R&D program so that more new products are created to meet our customers’ growing needs.

  • Formulation development
  • Analytical method development
  • Batch scale-up
  • Process validation
Manufacturing Capabilities :
TRUE CARE BIOMEDIX has complete manufacturing capabilities at its registered cGMP facilities state of Gujarat in India.. We produce a wide range of products in various dosage forms and potencies. Our cost-effective production strategies include using high-quality materials ,maximizing productivity and emphasizing energy conservation. Temperature- and dust-controlled manufacturing and processing rooms are elaborately designed to maintain the absolute integrity of the product. All of the processes and equipment are validated to assure consistent quality.
  • Milling and blending: 50 MT per month
  • Tableting: 100 Million per month
  • Encapsulation: Filling : 50 million per month & Gelatin Banding : 50 million per month
Contract Manufacturing Service :
TRUE CARE BIOMEDIX offers a complete portfolio of high-quality yet competitively priced products and technical support for contract manufacturing that’s designed to meet our customers’ growing and diverse needs. A dedicated project team typically includes support staff and a customer representative to ensure that projects are completed according to your requirements and schedule.
  • Adequate capacity
  • Strong technical support
  • Special order
  • Cost effective
Quality :

All manufacturing operations are constantly monitored by our quality assurance team to ensure conformance with cGMP as required by the US FDA. The consistency, efficiency and safety of TRUE CARE BIOMEDIX products are achieved by implementing a comprehensive quality assurance system. Our quality control laboratory is equipped with a variety of sophisticated instrumentation and technologies including high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), infrared spectrophotometry (IR), ultra violet-visable spectrophotometry (UV-Vis), TOC (Total organic carbon ) analyzer,dissolution apparatus,stability chambers and completely equipped Microbiological lab. All product testing is performed according to official pharmocopieal and/or industrial standards.

  • cGMP compliance
  • Quality assurance
  • Raw material/finished product testing
  • Stability testing
Customer Service :
Satisfying customers is the goal of our business. We are always available to offer new product development as required by customers at best possible rates & we ensure our customers remains well informed about each stage of product development & supply schedules. Earning your trust is the best reward and the true measurement of our success.
  • Courtesy and reliability
  • Competitive prices
  • On-time delivery