Home Facility

Salient features of the facility are :

  • Unidirectional Flow of Men & Materials.
  • High Level of Product Protection from contamination & cross-contamination
  • Upcoming…..Use of gravity/vacuum transfer systems for the product movement and high degree of automation for product & personnel safety.
  • HVAC System designed to meet the cGMP requirements , e.g. Pressure Differentials, Filtration Rating, Temperature & Humidity control.
  • Men – material flow : Uni linear man and material movement for the starting and finished products ensure prevention of mix-ups & cross contamination.

Validation :

Validation activity is a journey and not a destination throughout the lifecycle of a product, process, equipment and facility. Validations are carried out as per defined procedure for processes, new formulas, changes to the existing procedures. Re-Validations are carried out as per schedule to ensure that the processes are achieving the intended use & of highest quality.

Utilities :

  • HVAC System
  • Purified Water System
  • Compressed Air System
  • Steam Boiler & Supply System
  • Captive Power Generation & Supply System (D.G. Set)
  • HT / LT Power Supply

Capacity & Capabilities :

We offer commercial OTC / Generic finished products & contract manufacturing services as per cGMP practice in solid oral dosages.

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