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Empowering Life Our Quality commitment to patients leads us to provide safe and effective products and services throughout the world that are developed, manufactured, distributed and marketed in compliance with the regulatory requirements and our Company values: integrity, courage, respect and teamwork. Our Quality System is described in our Quality Manual and must be deployed by all, at all levels at TrueCare Biomedix. This Quality System is both integrated and segmented. Integrated, it ensures patient safety and is meeting the expectations of our customers in a coherent and harmonized way. Segmented, it includes standards specific to each field, allowing the adaptation to the specific rules of our various activities and fostering their competitiveness. It applies to all types of products and services, whether established or innovative, at all stages of their life cycle. It is constantly evolving to anticipate regulatory developments and to support the needs of our Business Units and activities. Regulatory compliance is a prerequisite for our Quality System, which is based on the principle of quality risk management and continuous improvement. This helps to promote innovation within TrueCare Biomedix. The effectiveness of the implementation of the Quality System is specifically verified by quality audits. The Quality Culture, promoted through the Quality Training to each member of TrueCare Biomedix, assists with the development of the men and women within our Company. Thanks to the individual commitment of all to this Quality Mindset, combining collective ambition and individual humility at all levels of TrueCare Biomedix, we will be empowering life.


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