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At TrueCare Biomedix, we believe that our people are our greatest asset

We are always on a lookout for highly motivated individuals who can collaborate with like-minded people in an atmosphere that embraces individuality and rewards your best work.


​A career opportunity at TrueCare Bioemdix will give you an opportunity to work in an environment that sparks a culture of teamwork and innovation.


Come, be a part of TrueCare Biomedix.

Why TrueCare Biomedix?

A career at TrueCare Biomedix means a job for life!

TrueCare Bioemdix offers innovative opportunities to utilize your potential. We believe in continuous learning and have world-class facilities, laboratories and instruments to support your development and learning.

A career at TrueCare Biomedix guarantees continuous support, knowledge, recognition, empowerment and growth.

Employee Benefit

At TrueCare Biomedix we understand that our employees are our most important assets. We don’t stop at just recruiting individuals, we guide and mentor employees at every step! Employees are given the chance to cultivate skills and are encouraged to create a career path that utilizes their talent to optimum potential.


We have employee friendly policies and value the voice of our employees. We ensure that we not only offer a job, but also assist them in settling down in the organization.


We believe in work-life-balance philosophy, which ensures that every team member is able to give their best professionally and personally.


What is TrueCare Biomedix is looking for?

We at TrueCare Biomedix are looking at inducting dynamic minds who will align themselves to our vision and mission.

If you have the passion and possess the following qualities...

  • Enterprising
  • Thoughtful
  • Responsible
  • Diligent
  • Proactive

...then TrueCare Biomedix is the place for you!

Available Opportunities

Interested Candidates please forward your updated CV on

Life at TCB

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